the oscar project: an overview.

I’m sitting in a hotel room at the Riviera in Las Vegas. Las Pegasus Unicon is in full swing downstairs in the convention center, but I’m having a good time goofing off on my laptop. Those of you who know me well are aware that I can’t really go a full day without scrolling through my tumblr dash for a few hours. Anyway, sometimes (rarely) (okay never) I get a brilliant idea from something on tumblr (In the past, it’s been, “Hey I should watch Doctor Who” then “Hey I should watch Supernatural” then “Hey I should watch Sherlock.” The end result is that I am now a hardcore Superwholockian and I can’t look at Benedict Cumberbatch or David Tennant without my heart fluttering in my chest because I’m apparently still a 14 year old fangirl… but I digress). Like the summer I spent reading, watching, and tearing apart Twilight, this post has inspired me to attempt my next big project: watching every film to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.

The Oscar Project.

1927 – 1947


I have two amazing resources at my disposal: Netflix and the Dayton Metro Libraries. Combined, they should have every one of these films. I’ve joined Netflix’s mail-order DVD program, so I’m going to attempt to watch at least two films a week (which I do now anyway).

I’ll do film reviews by year and post them. They likely won’t be long. I can’t stand reading other people’s reviews of things that are more than 140 characters so I don’t expect you to either.

I won’t be going in order. I’m probably going to go on an old-new rotation. I’ve queued up the winner and nominees of 1927 and 2011, then I’ll queue 1928 and 2010, etc. So I’ll be meeting in the middle eventually. I may mix it up and pick a random year now and again, who knows. I have a good memory for films (because a majority of my life has been spent watching TV and movies and reading books), so I will not be re-watching movies that I’ve seen in the past 10 years.

Oh, and I already have a handy Excel sheet made for tracking my progress.

1948 – 1968


Why does anyone do anything? I’m bored. I don’t mean right now. Right now I’m in Vegas. You can’t be bored in Vegas if you’re over 21. I mean I’m bored on an emotional level because my life has become pretty stagnant and I’m not used to that. I need to pick up hobbies that are cheap and will keep me motivated and, most of all, thinking. I’ve realized recently that my mind has gotten a bit dusty since graduating college and I’d like to start, you know, using it again. My favorite thing to do is analyze media, so now that I have a place to shove my thoughts (here), why not watch all of what’s known to be the best films in history?

1969 – 1989


I tend to disagree with the results of the Oscars each year, which is why, for each year, I plan to focus on answering the question, “Which film should have won?” I may change it up if I get bored with that and rate/analyze each film on specific scales, but I don’t want to make it too complicated right now. I just think films are an important part of modern culture and I’d like to become more familiar with them.

1990 – 2010

Up Next…

1927: Wings, Seventh Heaven, The Racket

When I get back into town, I’ll finish my summary of 2012, tell you all about my Grand West Adventure, and start watching some movies.

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