my grand west adventure: an introduction.

This is my first (and maybe last?) publication of my stream-of-consciousness journal writing. I’m a bit nervous posting something like this, but it’s the whole reason I made this blog. I welcome feedback so that I know if I should continue posting memoirs in this style. Enjoy (I hope)!



Right now, I’m at a Denny’s on the Las Vegas strip drinking my fourth cup of burnt coffee and blogging about how awesome my life is while listening to Johnny Cash because today is his would-be 81st birthday. It’s moments like this that I want to remember when my life flashes before my eyes when I die, the random strange situations I find myself in, the realizations that I am so, so young and I have my whole life to do weird shit that I may or may not regret later and debt that I’ll hate paying down but memories that I’ll have when I can’t sleep at night. And I’ll smile because I did those cool things and I’ll have ample opportunity for more but I won’t take any of it for granted because what if I don’t.

Life isn’t my cubicle. It isn’t my salary. It isn’t my commute to work or the exasperated thoughts I have during my elevator ride up an appalling number of floors. Life isn’t my 9am cup of coffee or my 2pm cup of tea or my lunchtime turkey sandwich. Life is deciding to leave my server a massive tip for taking up one of his tables for several hours and only ordering coffee because that’s a dick move. Life is watching all these old white couples at the slot machines for hours on end being served by non-white people. It’s traveling across America to support friends who are doing something they’re passionate about. Buying a 20 oz cup of coffee and filling most of it with half-and-half so that it will get me through the day without being hungry. Being genuinely nice to hotel staff in hopes that it will make their lives slightly less awful and maybe mine too, the realization that I’m not a customer and they’re not a customer service representative: we’re both human beings with internal organs and emotions and stories to tell. Watching the business man sitting next to me on my flight playing Angry Birds and hoping I don’t accidentally fall asleep on his shoulder. Playing a game called in my head called “Bong or Beverage?” because this city is that crazy. Wishing I’d brought more band-aids because my feet are starting to blister but these hotels take up a zip code each so I’ll just have to deal. Life is gratitude for moments like these, writing and people-watching in a diner, shaking from too much caffeine, broke and far away from home. Life is being wise enough to know when you’re having these moments so that hopefully the next time you find yourself in a rut, I mean a real bad time, you can pull these moments out of your back pocket and realize that things will be okay again.

Welcome to my Grand West Adventure.

Up next.

Part 1: Las Pegasus Unicon, Part 2: The Las Vegas Strip, Part 3: Portland

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