Peru: day 2

I’m finally here. And happy. The happy took a bit to get to.

As always, I find airports fascinating places for people watching, so the trip here was fun and enlightening. I finished Kerouac’s On the Road during my 8 hour flight which really helped put me in the right mental state for this trip.

I had no idea that airlines treat you nicer when you fly internationally. We got free TV and movies, two meals, and pretty much nonstop drink service. They also let us fill out the customs forms on the plane.

The worst part about the trip was that the airline broke my luggage. I’ll see what I can do about getting it replaced and keep you updated so that you’ll know how said airline handles such situations.

The house manager picked me up at the airport and we drove about an hour to get to the community of Huaycan. The traffic here is intense to say the least. Everybody honks all the time and fender benders are a frequent occurrence.

The house I’m staying at is a bright blue three story building of which LLI inhabits the top two floors. I’m in a room with two other volunteers (out of 11 who are staying here right now) and I have the top bunk which I’m not thrilled about but it’s fine.

Everything is covered in a thick layer of dust.

There is hot water but it only lasts a few minutes and you have to let it charge for 15 before you even get in the shower. I’m okay with cold showers though.

I walked around the town today and cannot adequately describe it without large hand gestures and a lot of “y’know?”s. There are stray dogs everywhere and dust and mountains and traffic and parades and bodegas and little shops and it’s just nuts.

It wasn’t until I had orientation that the cloud of fear and anxiety finally lifted and I felt really excited and happy to be here.

And the food. Dear lord the food. They have a woman who makes lunch and dinner every day and it’s authentic Peruvian cuisine and I just can’t even handle how delicious it is. Breakfast every morning is fresh bread and jam. Lunch is the big meal and dinner is more of a large snack.

I have my first class in a couple hours and I have to take public transportation to get there so I’m sure that’ll be an experience in itself.

Will try to write tomorrow.

Sorry for any typos and the lack of artistry in my writing. Tablet typing is lame.

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