Peru: day 3

I’m sitting in the common room of the house drinking instant coffee in an attempt to prepare for a night of partying in Lima. Ironically, Peru is one of the best countries in the world for coffee and everyone drinks instant.

I have no idea what’s happening tonight, I just know we’re taking combis for two hours just to get there. Let me tell you about combis:

Combis are these tiny buses that take everyone everywhere, drive like crazy, are packed to the brim, and usually blast music. They’re like mobile mosh pits. I kind of hate them until I’m on one and then I think, “This is so cool!” Of course, until I get pickpocketed and then I’ll hate them.

I taught a class of 13 year old girls today. They were just like 13 year old girls everywhere else. One of them even teased the other about having a boyfriend and she blushed while defiantly saying what I assume was, “He’s not my boyfriend!”

Later I taught biblioteca, which is just an hour of silent reading for any child in the community who wants to. If they read so many books, they get a prize. Most of them read, some played (pogs. I didn’t think that was a thing anymore), and I chatted with a woman here who has been backpacking all around South America about her experience so I can maybe try my hand at a six month stint through Europe. But shh, that’s a secret.

I’m going to sporadically list highlights of my trip as I think of them so that I can write a legit memoir later. Highlights will be prefaced with a number.

1. Reading On the Road on the plane here.

2. Teaching a little boy who spoke no English how to throw a football.

3. Reading a book to a group of kids on top of a mountain in a wooden shack. I cannot speak highly enough of these children. They just love learning.

I forgot to mention that I had to climb said mountain after a lengthy, dusty combi trip and I was not fond of that.

Everyone here greets each other with a kiss on the cheek. “Hola! Como estas!” they say and then muah! When departing, they do the same thing but say, “Ciao ciao!”

The food continues to be amazing. It is plentiful and delicious. Time for dinner now, but I’ll hopefully write tomorrow. I have a late night ahead of me and a busy day teaching tomorrow from 10am – 8pm.


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