Peru: day 4

I had one of the craziest nights of my life last night.

After I posted yesterday, most of the housemates trekked out for an excursion to Miraflores, a trendy little town in Lima. The ride there consisted of three combis over two hours.

Once we got there we pregamed at this hostel and met up with some friends of one of the volunteers. I wasn’t up for drinking, but I did order a Pisco Sour, the famous drink of Peru that has who-knows-what in it. So then I ended up shooting pool for several hours with a very charming Peruvian man at said hostel.

We packed ourselves into a taxi and went to a club on the beach. Considering the only club I’ve been to is my city’s local drag bar, I was surprised by how there was less moshing and more dancing. Less dubstep and more house. Less drag queens and more, you know, not drag queens.

And damn can Peruvians dance.

Everyone got pretty smashed (except me) and danced and danced and danced (even me, but not well). We even got into the club and VIP lounge for free because our charming Peruvian man knew everybody and we were also a troupe of female gringos.

Exhausted, at 2:30 half of us called it quits and rode a taxi home.

The best part of the night? The whole evening, drinks, taxis, combis, everything came to a total of about $17. If you know Spanish and want to backpack through a continent, you could last a year with five grand or less in South America.

Of course, I had to wake up super early today to teach a class in one of our furthest classrooms. I co-taught art all day though and it was super fun watching the kids be so creative.

4. A 3 year old boy ran into the classroom with a towel on his back like a cape going, “Whoosh!”

This evening I taught an adult English class which was also fun because they’re more motivated to learn.

5. Making all the students in my adult class go, “Arrrrrrgh!” to help them learn the American ‘R’ sound.

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