Hey. I’m sad robots.

I have absolutely no consistent passions in life. Because of that, I tend to have these short-lived obsessions that my sister likes to call my “schemes.” I decided that they usually make for interesting reads at the least, so I might as well write them down. Some things I may include in this blog are:


  • Writing (prose, poetry, and memoir)
  • Travel
  • Weightlifting, fitness, and health
  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Crafting and sewing
  • Baking and cooking
  • Hosting parties in my awesome house
  • TV (and the actors in them) and books
  • General science fiction
  • Computers and technology
  • Dating (or lack thereof)
  • Lists of my favorite things
  • Reviews of books and movies
  • Feminist rants
  • Music
  • My ridiculous social life and the daily adventures I find myself part of
  • Whatever the hell else I manage to get myself into

Some other random crap about me:

I’m a narcissist and a nihilist (not a great combo). I use hyperbole all the time. I have a terrible taste in music. I’m smart but I don’t use my mind for anything productive or important. One of my favorite things in the world is meeting new people and getting to know them. One of my other favorite things is throwing parties so all these amazing people in my life can meet each other. I tell a lot of stories and I listen to them too. I have a degree in psychology and women’s studies that I am not using for my career in banking. My laugh is excruciatingly high-pitched and I use it a lot. My favorite food and beverage is a turkey sandwich and Irish whiskey, respectively. I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none. I’m brutally honest to a fault. I’m a nerd (no really, I play Dungeons & Dragons every week). Most people would describe me as, “having her shit together,” and I do. Lastly, I cannot guarantee this blog will always be SFW, but it will hopefully be entertaining enough that it doesn’t need to be.


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